How it Works



Contestants are given THREE (3) minutes to perform a monologue of their choice (Monologues can be original or existing). They are encouraged to bring props and costumes that compliment their performance. After each performance, the contestant will receive notes/critique from each of the judges and awarded a score (see score sheet below). Once all the contestants have performed, the judges score sheets are tabulated to select the Three (3) finalists, who will move on to round two.

During round two, the three finalists will chose from a variety of themes. They are then given FIVE (5) minutes to prepare and another THREE (3) minutes to perform the same monologue, incorporating the new theme. This round will be judged by the audience, with the scores being added to their first round total to create a final score.

The winner will become the reigning Heavy Weight Champ awarded with the title belt, which will be defended at the next match, $100 cash and the prize pack.


While we respect the artistic freedom and creativity of all performers, we encourage all Toronto Monologue Slam’s performances to follow the criteria below. If you are unclear about any of the rules or have questions concerning the content of your performance please contact us for clarification.

Acts will be allotted no more than THREE (3) MINUTES to perform. Acts will be PENALIZED if time is exceeded.

NO use of profanity
NO hateful or discriminatory speech
NO nudity or explicit sexuality
NO alcohol, tobacco, or drug advertisements are to be shown on any clothing
NO drug/alcohol use
NO pyrotechnics, open flames or any other dangerous additions
Sound Technician and microphone(s) will be provided. YOU must provide your own CD music, taped music, instruments, props, keyboard, etc., if needed.
EVERY participant is required to confirm their participation at least TWO (2) weeks prior to the show.
EVERY participant MUST arrive at the venue at least ONE (1) HOUR before curtain on the day of performance.
The decisions made by judges, audience or the show’s management in setting rules or evaluating a performance are final and not subject to complaint or alteration.
Rules are subject to change at the sole discretion of the TOSlam organizers.


Judging will be based on the following criteria (50 point maximum):

Voice/Projection (1-10): ________

Physicality/Movement (1-10): +________

Sensory/Activity (1-10): +________

Originality (1-10): +________

Personality (1-10): +________

Total: ________

*Deductions: –________

Overall Total: ________


Finalists will be awarded points based on the percentage of the audience votes they receive. These points will be added to the first round score to determine their overall score